Body Blue Swimming Coaching

Benefit from over 15 years’ tuition experience all around the world. Established and run by former professional swimmers, BodyBlue Swimming Coaching offers first-class services in swimming tuition and coaching, perfect for even the most demanding of clients.

BlueFloating aquatic therapy
BlueFloating aquatic therapy

BlueFloating is a beautiful aquatic journey that will make you feel reborn. Discover the ultimate form of passive aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation. During each unique session we combine stretching, yoga, massage and elements of Watsu to free your body and mind helped by the therapeutic benefits of warm water which generates a deep state of relaxation and a sense of freedom, enhancing the body by releasing long-held physical and emotional tensions.

When the client starts to surrender and flows suspended in the water, there is no space or time, it will be difficult to discern where the body ends and the water begins.

BlueFloating is beneficial for all ages and all physical abilities and highly recommended for pregnancy, to have the first deep connection with the baby, to the many sufferers of chronic pain, stress, insomnia or anyone that needs to relax or just get pampered, such a session can often give them their first good night’s sleep.

BlueAquaGym aquatic therapy

Our AquaGym classes are perfect for a public of all ages and physical conditions, especially indicated for people with traumatic, joint or muscular problems or people in the process of rehabilitation, they will generally include an aerobic part, one of fluid movements and another of stretching and relaxation but they will always be tailor-made according to the client’s physical situation.


The main benefits of an AquaGym class are: relieve the ailments of the musculoskeletal system, shaping the line and muscular tone while performing a draining massage that stimulates circulation and decreases fluid retention, increases flexibility and increased burning of calories without the risk of injury and maintain mental health by generating endorphins secretion.

  • took open water swimming lessons with Nico. great communication before arrival, customised lessons and great tips on how to improve my technique. 5 stars, fully recommended.

    Zoltán Györgyi Avatar Zoltán Györgyi
    23 January, 2023
  • We are so impressed with the progress all three of our kids made after just a few one-to-one lessons. Most importantly the kids really enjoyed the lessons and loved being... read more

    Clare Lord Avatar Clare Lord
    23 January, 2023
  • I came to Tenerife with the intent of trying to learn how to swim, haven't even been in water for over 30 years. I had little hope, but at least... read more

    Ruth Lintner Avatar Ruth Lintner
    23 December, 2022
  • Nico has helped me a lot over the last year to improve my swimming. And that means more than just improving technique. He is fantastic at analysing swimming technique and... read more

    Karin Glismann Avatar Karin Glismann
    23 December, 2022
  • Hi Nico, Your swim coaching was at a super high level, and I have experienced quite a lot of coaching in non-swimming contexts. Nico is very attentive to „my state... read more

    Max i1234 Avatar Max i1234
    23 December, 2022
  • ¡Excelente! Conocido por casualidad, fui a aprender a nadar, como no era muy bueno.... Resulta que, en muy pocas lecciones, ahora no puedo evitar nadar, fueron excepcionales. Me siguió en... read more

    Anto Canarias Avatar Anto Canarias
    23 September, 2022
  • Nico is really a wonderful, calm and experienced swim teacher who is super for adults and kids. Our son was afraid of water and didn't want to dive or swim... read more

    Birgit May Avatar Birgit May
    23 May, 2022
  • I am a 53 year old male training for a 1/2 Ironman and wanted to get some pool and open water swim training while in Tenerife. Nico was incredibly... read more

    Stan Beraznik Avatar Stan Beraznik
    23 March, 2022
  • Nico was the highlight of our 3 months stay in Tenerife! My partner (more advanced swimmer) and me (very beginner) were surprised how one person can cover it all. With... read more

    Milda Mitkute Avatar Milda Mitkute
    23 March, 2022
  • Within just one week Nico taught our 7yo daughter to swim. Despite the language barrier (she doesn't speak englisch) he built a connection, encouraged her and it was great to... read more

    Mario Witte Avatar Mario Witte
    23 March, 2022